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Annette Pate

Annette Pate’s paintings express her fascination with sunlight and shadows through oil and acrylics. The American landscape, as well as still life, are her main subjects. Annette finds the hills of North Georgia to be as glorious as anywhere in the world. Her paintings of them are often confused for Tuscany by her collectors. Her still life paintings are popular for their play of light and painterly quality. You can often find Annette in antique shops searching for the perfect piece of pottery to inspire one of her paintings.

Annette is a native of Summerville, South Carolina (near Charleston). She studied with Elsie Dresch of Atlanta for ten years. Annette resides in Roswell, Georgia with her husband, art dealer Jim Saunders. Her work is in many private and corporate collections.

“Just as I am compelled to paint by the golden light of evening, I stop to marvel, when I walk through my kitchen and see sunlight shining on a bowl of oranges. I am also called to paint by the rich color and tactile beauty of a piece of pottery.”